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Easy-to-use, intuitive product information management system and exchange platform. One place. All data. Always up-to-date.

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Let us be your door opener for high quality product presentation and shorter time-to-market.


Provide your data just how they need it.


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Easily serve partners who are still stuck with Excel.

One Place, All Data

Having one place with product data, images and additional files online is the door opener for using digital marketing tools and making revenue online.

  • Better visibility Ensure customers can find your products even when using facet filters.

  • Optimal conversion Give customers the information they need to really click the “buy” button.

  • Unified data layer Simplify marketing automation, sales and partner onboarding and integration.

Reach more retailers

Ensure retailers list new products immediately as well as long-tail-products. Stop skipping retailers just because it’s work to get listed.

Make your Brand Shine

Provide additional marketing material and images to allow retailers to represent your brand in the best possible way. Retailers typically have multiple brands listed. Be the one that really shines!

How to get started?


Bring your product data online

With our product information management (PIM) features we help you to bring your product data in a unified and easy-to-use form.


Spread your data with our sales platform. Let’s automate as much as possible and simplify manual work.

Already have a PIM system? Great! That makes it easy to use our platform by just integrating your existing data.

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Powerful Product Database

Our highly customizable system allows you to choose from standard template based setups up to individual catalogs.

  • Unlimited custom product attributes
  • Unlimited product types
  • Multi-level product variants

Read more about our PIM features

Media Asset Management

Assign product images and other files to your product catalog.

  • Product related and brand images
  • Supports all media types including images, PDFs and downloads.
  • Format and size conversion and optimization

Read more about our DAM features

Retailer Self-Service Portal

Allow retailers to access product details and assets in our brand portal.

  • Customizable and using your own domain
  • Product and media data access and download
  • No more e-mails. Fast and easy to use.

See brand portal details

Feeds, Marketplaces and Export-API

Provide automated data access for marketing system, marketplaces and retailers inside our user interface and without developers and technical projects in minutes.

  • Automated stock feeds
  • Custom Feeds and file transfer API
  • Marketplace integration

Learn about product data sharing

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New distribution channels

Provide your data for as many recipient systems such as shops, marketplaces, websites, social media, mobile apps, print or POS.


Lower your costs with shorter production and response times.

User management

Give all users direct access to what they need. No more waiting for answers. Unlimited users are included in all our plans.

Product visibility

Optimized product data makes your products appear in searches.

No risk

We’ll do the initial setup for you. Pay only if you’re convinced.

Brand portal

Our cloud drive let you share non product related brand documents, order forms, lifestyle and brand images.

Our job is to make the annoying copy & paste disappear

It’s the power of “single source of truth”, APIs and automation.
Our experts can show you how it could look like.

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