Let’s get it done!

Ready to get started? We offer multiple ways to setup your new home of digital product management.

Sign-up and setup yourself

Recommended if you already have experience with product management systems.

  • Free, no credit card required
  • Sign-up takes less than a minute
  • Choose your plan later or stay at the free plan
  • Recommended for users with technical background

Let us do the initial setup

We’ll do the initial setup setups and create a template based catalog structure for you.

  • We’ll find the best matching setup with you
  • We’ll import your initial product data
  • You can start with an ready-to-use account
  • Free for standard setups
  • Individual enhancements possible

Custom requirements

Let’s talk about your individual requirements.

  • Check existing requirements
  • Integrations to existing or planned systems
  • Large amounts of products

Let us show you around the product and see if it fits your needs.