Digital Asset Management

Manage and distribute product and brand media files.

Easy to user drag & drop interface

Integrated Digital Asset Management

Manage product images, pdf documents and downloads with ready-to-use DAM features. No integration costs and all you need to transport emotions and ensure CI compliant brand representation.


Product Assets

Add images, pdf documents and downloads to products and product variants.

  • Multiple asset groups for products, customizable by product type
  • Exports include binaries as URL or file assocciated with each product
  • Separate images for variants
  • Easy to use drag and drop upload




Brand Portal & Cloud Drive

Manage and share non product related images. Give retailers what they need to represent your brand.

  • Company logo and CI guidelines
  • Collection and lifestyle images
  • Ordering documents, terms and other pdf, Word or Excel documents

Optimize images and accelerate your websites

Website and app performance affects SEO rankings and conversions. Our image transformations allow you to automatically optimize all images.

  • Robust and ultra-fast image optimizer
  • Dramatically improve your website's load times
  • Save bandwidth and costs