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We provide high quality product data access in a uniform and easy to integrate way. Get up-to-date listing information including media file and stock levels for just-in-time or drop order agreements. Spread you offers to marketplaces and generate high conversion traffic.

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Heavendata PIM

Heavendata Sales Platform

Get access to high quality product information, media data and supporting brand material.

Heavendata PIM

Heavendata PIM

Manage and spread your product and offer information or integrate existing PIM solutions.

Simplify onboarding

Get what you need in a unified format.

  • Up-to-data product details
  • Complete and assigned media data
  • Supporting brand documents and images
Optimize Conversion

You pay for the traffic - but how many visitors really buy? One common reason are unanswered questions about product details. That’s where we can help you.

  • Product features and close up images
  • Dimensions, weight and technical specifications
  • Tariff codes, energy labels and other legal documents
Reduce Advertising Costs and Cancellations

Most customers will not buy products that are not available within a few days. Having reliable stock levels and delivery dates from suppliers allows you to filter CSS campaigns and reduce bounces.

From Simple to Integrated

Just need a few images or prefer to integrate existing system? We offer multiple ways to access supplier’s product data.

  • Self-service portal
  • Feeds or automated file transfers
  • Custom integrations
Need a PIM for your Business?

We’re providing customized product information management solutions including all features of our standard PIM product.

  • Create a single source of truth
  • Streamline translation workflows
  • Spread your data to marketplaces and marketing tools
Consolidate Existing Database

Let’s bring together what already exists and create an always up-to-date home for your product data.

  • Automated imports from existing systems
  • Manual imports from Excel or CSV
  • API based updates
Quality, Quality, Quality

Product information management is about data quality and features that help you to ensure high quality product data. Sounds abstract, but it will heavily affect your business success:

  • Increase micro-conversions
  • Reduce returns
  • Increase conversions of paid campaigns

Use and spread your products where ever you need it:

  • Feeds (CSV, JSON, XML), FTP, SCP file transfers
  • Markeplaces and Comparison Shopping Services
  • Personalization and marketing solutions
Flexible Product Database

Most product categories need special information to describe products best. You can adjust our product catalog to your needs and add as many product attributes as you need.

Multiple Product Types

TVs will need different attributes than Shoes. Define product types to describe which product attributes are needed for Shoes and which are important for TVs or other product categories.

Product Variants

Easily manage product variants like color or size variants. Re-use existing content and allow marketplaces to automatically present alternatives.

Media Asset Management

Digital asset management included. Manage product images, PDFs or other downloads and assign them to products.

How to Start?

Let’s talk about your requirements. Our large set of existing features combined
with our standard cloud platform allows us to provide solutions for most scenarios.

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