Product Catalog Features

Every customer has his own fully customizable and massivly scalable product catalog database build to grow and optimize your e-commerce success.

“Data really powers everything that we do.”

Product Information Management

People can't see and touch the real products in our new e-commerce world. Having great product descriptions is the key to provide a great shopping experience. Our PIM features provide the foundation for great visibility, navigation to related alternatives and in the end: great conversion,.

Fully Customizable

Your product database is the heart. The place where we'll collect data from existing systems and the single source for all channels. While we offer standard sets of attributes to describe your products, you're always free to enhance this set with custom fields to store additional product data.

  • Unlimited custom product attributes
  • Unlimited product types with assocciated attributes
  • Product variants and product relations

Product Variants

Taking a look on fashion products, we often see multiple colors and multiple sizes for each products. That's what we call product variants and of course, it's fully customizable.

  • Up to five variant levels
  • Attributes can be assigned to levels via drag & drop editor
  • Unlimited number of variant configurations

Your own Entities

In addition to integrated data types like products, categories or channels, you can even define your own data tables. Use cases include guarantee information, POS lists, product compatibility or collection details.

  • Unlimited number of custom entity types
  • Unlimited number of records for each entity
  • All attribute field types supported
  • Can be referenced in products or other custom entities