Free Product Information Management System and Brand Portal

Create state-of-the-art e-commerce setups right from the start. Increase revenue with perfect product data and allow retailers to easily download all they need to sell your products online and offline.

What's Included?


Product Data Management

You'll get our enterprise level PIM system for up to 10 000 SKUs. This includes unlimited attributes and product types as well as full blown variant management. It's limited to a single language.

Brand Portal

Our retailer self service portal is not limited. All sharing and customization options are available. It's customizable to match your CI guidelines.

Digital Asset Management

Even the free version includes product related and marketing media files of any type as well as image transformations. We're offering 1 GB of media storage.


Setup your free PIM

All Teams Always Up-To-Date

B2B product information management visual

Ensure all teams are working with the most recent version of your product data and let them directly contribute to your central PIM.

  • Sales gets alle product images and marketing support
  • Marketing can directly manage content
  • Support has full access to technical documentation
  • Everyone can aswer customer requests

Brand Portal - Make Your Partners Happy

e-commerce brand portal visual

Using our brand portal you offer retailers, what they're used to get from larger companies: A single place where they can access all relevant information to list your products in their systems. Don't waste your time by manually answering mails anymore.

  • Operational product data
  • Product images - assigned to each product or variant
  • Supporting marketing material
  • Legal documents, contacts, news

Ready to Grow


Whether you want to sell on marketplaces, need feeds for comparison shopping service or integrate marketing solutions - most of the work is already done! You already have all your products at the right place, so it's easy to add new sales channels. You decide where to sell. We'll make the technical part work.